White Star Logistics

White Star Logistics

White Star Logistics is a joint venture of White Star Real Estate and Bain Capital Credit. Operating under new brand, the companies’ plan is development and future expansion on the warehouse market in Poland. Currently, three new logistics centers are under construction in Nowy Konik, Raszyn and Toruń.
The strategy of White Star Logistics assumes the creation of a network of modern logistics centers in the most desirable places in Poland. All buildings constructed as part of the project will have environmental certificates in the BREEAM system at the level of at least very good. In the first 3 years, White Star Logistics intends to implement eight warehouse projects in Poland with a total target area of over 500,000 sq. m.

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White Star Logistics strives to be unsurpassed in adding value to our tenants, clients and investors – by developing and operating real estate properties that are renowned for their enduring quality of design combined with outstanding customer service.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

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    Quality prevails
    By a focus on quality, we are developing and operating real estate that will stand the test of time and deliver enduring value.
  • 02
    Teamwork is our foundation
    By utilizing the in-depth knowledge of our seasoned experts, and the innovation and energy of our young talent, we aim to create an environment that stimulates the professional growth of our employees and success of our company.
  • 03
    Services start and end with people
    Real estate is a service business. Proactive, persistent, intelligent, honest and friendly face-to-face attention is required. Remote administration is no substitute for personal cooperation and communication.
  • 04
    Tenants are our customers
    Tenants drive the ultimate demand for real estate property and define the standards for our services.
  • 05
    Treat each property as our own
    As owners of real estate ourselves, we share the perspective of our clients and investors. We focus on an asset’s potential and take the steps needed to grow its future value. From this viewpoint, we provide advice and make decisions to maximize returns while attentively managing risks.
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    Everything starts with a plan
    Goals are best achieved when they are thoughtfully considered and well documented. Our experts prepare comprehensive business plans for each development and property, and these guide our actions to ensure our performance.
  • 07
    Always a step ahead.
    By focusing on the long term, our team strives to anticipate our client’s questions and prepare solutions before they are asked. We aim to advise our tenants, clients and investors of issues before they develop into challenges.
  • 08
    Prevention is better than a cure
    For developments, we put an emphasis on the quality of build and design. For existing properties, we implement intensive warranty management and preventative maintenance programs. In all cases, using our in-house technical expertize, we take smart technical steps today that minimize problems and expenses in the future.
  • 09
    Don’t stop at being satisfied
    Mere client satisfaction is not enough; we set our goals higher, and aim to exceed the expectations of our tenants, clients and investors
Our philosophy


Bartosz Szewczyk
Bartosz Szewczyk

Bartosz has been working in real estate development across Eastern Europe and in Russia since 1998, when he joined AIG/Lincoln Polska to run the logistics division and develop the first institutional grade industrial projects in Poland under the “Diamond Business Parks” brand. He has also been involved in the office and retail developments of AIG/Lincoln Polska. Subsequently, Bartosz moved to Russia, where he served as a country partner and co-head of operations responsible for the company’s development, leasing and asset management efforts.
In this role he worked on two landmark office projects in downtown Moscow totaling c. 140,000 sqm of office and 10,000 sqm of retail space.
Bartosz obtained an M.S. in Economic from the Warsaw School of Economics University in 1996.

Urszula Rasmussen
Urszula Rasmussen

Urszula joined White Star Real Estate in 2019, as Head of Industrial Leasing. She has over 15 years of professional experience in the Industrial real estate market. Throughout her career, Urszula worked for well-known real estate companies in Poland like JLL, Cushman & Wakefield or Goodman.
Urszula has extensive knowledge of the industrial and real estate market in Poland, which she gained by representing the largest tenants from the logistics, production and e-commerce sectors.
Urszula has many years of experience in advising on new lease agreements, renegotiations and managing BTS projects. She also coordinated the acquisition of land for logistic parks for well-known development companies in Poland.
Urszula graduated with degrees at High School of Economics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Warsaw School of Economics. Urszula, holds a Real Estate Brokerage License No. 10739 from Łazarski School of Commerce and Law, which she obtained in 2009, and a Mini MBA, which she obtained during PwC Academy Poland classes in 2019.

Dominik Buczkowski
Dominik Buczkowski

Developer of the Year Dominik joined White Star in 2019, as Industrial Business Development Director. He has been active in real estate development since 2008, holding several professional positions in different sectors including warehouse, industrial, and retail, which cumulatively exceed 400,000 sqm. In previous organizations, he ran operations, development and leasing. He also has gained experience in companies such as Parkridge, BOIG, Real2b Development and Top Box Polska, where he has carried out over 20 purchase transactions. As a foundation for his skills in running developments is the technical education which he received at the Warsaw University of Technology.



Over the years, we have received many awards and certificates in recognition of setting high standards in the real estate industry.


White Star Logistics projects are distinguished by ecological solutions that minimize the facility’s impact on the environment. All warehouses will be BREEAM certified at the Very Good level.

Energy management
  • LED lighting
  • Division of lighting inside the hall into zones
  • Presence detectors in common areas of the office space
  • Outdoor lighting equipped with twilight sensors
  • Electricity meters with remote reading
  • Reinforcement of the roof structure to enable the installation of photovoltaic panels
Positive environmental impact
  • Development of the external area, taking into account biodiversity
  • Flower meadows
  • Infrastructure for animals (birdhouses, hotels for insects) in accordance with the Ecologist’s recommendations
Reduction of water consumption
  • Sanitary fittings equipped with a water saving system (aerators, sensors)
  • Rainwater storage system for watering plants or planting non-watering plant species
User comfort
  • Bicycle stands
  • Greenery around the office area
  • Blinds for glare control in the office area
Sustainable construction process
  • Use of wood of legal origin
  • Effective and appropriate management of construction waste
  • Circular economy, use of recycled materials (reuse of existing concrete as aggregate)
  • The use of cement with the addition of fly ash to reduce the carbon footprint

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